Workshops will be conducted by Shannon Manning and special guest artists.

For three recent years Shannon Manning was the comedy and music talent buyer for Union Hall, Brooklyn (sister venue to the Bell House) for which The New York Times credited her with “savvy and adventurous programming.” She writes and produces via her production company Sparkle Television and her podcast network Good Orbit. She was a Dean’s List graduate from the University of Chicago (History), attended the School of the Art Institute (Performance), the University of Illinois at Chicago (Theatre), and a few years with Del Close (Improv). She writes, directs, and produces for screens and stage, including several scripts, produced pilots, and a play with her sisters called Dead Dads. She published and edited Pipe Up! Magazine, booked and ran weekly series Drinkytown, and was cofounder of the Magnet Theater

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shannon in many projects over the years. She brings a generous spirit that encourages free play and support to her work. Many people use improv to be funny, but Shannon uses it to create magic, too.”

Doug Moe, UCB Instructor and performer

“Shannon listens to the little moments between people and makes them rich moments.”

Ed Illades, IO Chicago, Beauty Love Truth

“Shannon Manning doesn’t just teach improv for comedians, or even just improv for artists. With Shannon, you’ll become a true improv artisan. You’ll bring your own life and experiences into your improv and bring your newfound improv skills into your life. The results will be holistic, genuine and wonderful!”

Louie Pearlman, Story Pirates, Beauty Love Truth

“Shannon Manning is a talented and hilarious improviser, with the patience and good nature required to teach spontaneous performance to artists of all types and experience levels.”